Re RealPlayer.......

  ROYWIDD 01:45 30 Aug 03

Help.......I installed RealPlayer(basic 1)to play a songfile that needed it,then uninstalled it using the program,its now converted my 100's of mp3 files to that format!But I can still play them through Mediaplayer library,but not in the folders.M-player is the one I use as the default,how pls can i change them back?Cheers,roy.widd1

  powerless 01:54 30 Aug 03

Tools > Preferences... > Media Types (on the left) > MP3 > Deselect (click the box) next to, MP3 Audio also MP3 Audio Playlist. When finished click ok.

M-Player? As in Windows Media Player?

If so open WMP up > Tools > Options... > File Types > Select (tick the box) MP3 Audio File.

Click ok!

  ROYWIDD 16:30 30 Aug 03

Many thanks Powerless,just done as you suggested in WMP,and have got my files back as required.Thanks again...ROYWIDD

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