re-mastering my pc

  bbeaudiddley 20:57 19 Feb 04

I have a pc that has had problems so am going to wipe it and have the remastering cd's and a recovery floppy disc.
I ahve followed instructions but nothing is happening.
Anybody know how I can wipe my pc and then re-master using the cd's provided.
Many thanks.

  dfghjkl 21:14 19 Feb 04

you will have to give us more info,operating system etc

  colrobs 23:32 19 Feb 04

Could you describe what problems you have been having/or as you said had been having. If the latter - has the problems stopped now. When you say remastering cds, do you mean recovery disc/s.
As dfghjkl says, more info required about you pc, operating system etc.


  bbeaudiddley 09:54 20 Feb 04

It is a Packard Bell i connect intel celeron.
It has a recovery disquette (FLOPPY) supplied and 3xcd's to remaster it which I had to input when bought secondhand as the pc was scrubbed.It is running windows ME. The problems I had were freezes constantly and also my games graphics had gone to pot, fine on all other stuff but games were suddenly unplayable. Could it be an ME problem as I have heard it can be unreliable?

  dfghjkl 18:52 20 Feb 04

i dont know a lot about ME bit i guess it will be like 98,ie boot from floppy,install from cd after first really would be better off with xp,one disc, put it in,change boot order,then boot,format and install from disc.i know i have not been much help but like i said i dont know ME. have you checked your graphics card and drivers?

  woodchip 18:58 20 Feb 04

Just try starting the computer with the number one Recovery CD

  Taran 19:25 20 Feb 04

If you go to the Packard Bell UK support site click here you can type in your computer serial number or search by model to find all download drivers for it and, wait for it, instructions on how to use the software that shipped with it and the restore disks.

  bbeaudiddley 18:38 23 Feb 04

Thanks folks,

  dfghjkl 19:53 24 Feb 04

what was the answer?

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