Re-Installing XP

  speedbird_zero1 13:18 07 Feb 06

i cannot sort the issue of my pc crashing, it's anew build only a week old, activated with MS and all above board. Am i able to go to scratch and start again or will there be registration or activation problems? I am unable to get a phone number to speak to someone at MS. It was fine for a few days, in actual fact i was starting to like it after years on 98. any help would be appreciated. Thanks Mike

  johnnyrocker 13:20 07 Feb 06

if it only recently started why not try system restore?


  SANTOS7 13:24 07 Feb 06

Do you get eror messages prior to crash, does it crash on a particular program or when useing a particular device.....

  Mytob 13:25 07 Feb 06

system restore atleast for me is a real joke :) iv tryed it many a time and has ALWAYS failed to work and i have now given up with it. if you want to reinstall it you should be ok but bear in mind you will have to do the darn activasin again and to many in to short a time will get you key locked out and you will have to get on your knees and beg to M$ to let you use you pc again.

  Stuartli 13:26 07 Feb 06

Have you built it or acquired it from a system builder?

If the latter contact them, although an XP Repair might provide the solution whilst maintaining your programs, applications, utilities and configuration intact.

  Stuartli 13:27 07 Feb 06

If System Restore fails to sort out what was a previously correctly running system then the problem is much deeper than a restore point.

  Stuartli 13:30 07 Feb 06

You wouldn't have to get on your knees and beg MS to let you use your PC again if it has to be reactivated.

I can't understand where you got that idea from as MS's co-operation is excellent.

  speedbird_zero1 13:38 07 Feb 06

Tried system restore. It said no changes had been made!
No message before crash just .....gone and restart.
Built it myself.
How do i actually get to MS on bended knees or otherways?

  rawprawn 13:42 07 Feb 06

Have you tried using system file check? Start/Run/type sfc /scannow you will need your XP CD.

  speedbird_zero1 13:29 09 Feb 06

Sorted! it turned out to be a trojan that AVG did not pick up.... Bitdefender did however. All problems gone. Oh And the SFC thing above now works after following the instructions supplied.

  Stuartli 00:06 11 Feb 06

>>Tried system restore. It said no changes had been made!>>

If you haven't made any changes or installed new hardware or software then that's exactly the result you will get...:-)

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