Re-installing Windows 95

  graham√ 20:23 08 Jul 03

After decompressing drive C and answering a lot of fool questions, I have wiped the drive and am now attempting to re-instal '95 from CD. I have taken the DVD Rom drive from my main PC and hooked it up to the old PC. I was expecting the driver to be on the boot up floppy.

Now when I power up the '95 PC, I get 'A:\>'.

What do I do now?

  anniesboy68 20:33 08 Jul 03

Sorry, can't be of any help re your post but isn't it time you moved up to 98 or further on?

  y_not 20:38 08 Jul 03

try typing D: (followed by the enter key)

If you get the D:> type dir and you should see a list of files on the DVD drive

If you see them type setup

Probably wrong but you won't do any harm trying it

  Megatyte 20:40 08 Jul 03

Did you boot from a 95 floppy?. If so Cd drive is not supported. You need to boot from a 98 start-up floppy.


  graham√ 20:41 08 Jul 03

I'm trying to resurrect an old PC ...

  AndySD 20:42 08 Jul 03

If not ....then most 95 bootdisks dont have the cd drivers on then try click here

  graham√ 20:43 08 Jul 03

Hello again, yes I've just twigged that! I'll try and download a boot disk now.

  jimv7 20:43 08 Jul 03

As its an old pc its unlikely that the cd is supported, you have to install dos drivers for it or as Megatyte has said, get an old 98 boot floppy.

  Megatyte 20:45 08 Jul 03

Original post.

click here

  bof:) 20:45 08 Jul 03

hi graham√,

if not D drive try typing in E and then dir and hit enter.

If windows is there just type setup as y_not suggested.

(I dont think you can bootup from the cd in win95 as you can with, if you can, search the net for 'generic cd rom drivers' and install those.. they go on a floppy disk)

Its also possible I believe to add a line to the config.sys or autoexec.bat but I'n sorry I dont know what the line is.

Try a search on this site about autoexec.bat and config.sys cos I'm sure I've seen it on here.


  bof:) 20:46 08 Jul 03

silly me i'd forgotten about using a win98 startup disk....sorry

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