Re installing a CDRom Drive?

  MikeSm 12:50 20 Jan 03
  MikeSm 12:50 20 Jan 03

I took out my CDRom drive to replace it with a CDRW drive as only 1 bay present. Unfortunately all drivers were on a cd and Win95 will not recognise drive to enable full drivers to be put on. I now want to put the old CDRom drive back instead, but on boot up the drive is not recognised - how can I get the pc to re-recognise my original CDRom drive? Any helpful suggestions would be much appreciated.


  Stuartli 13:35 20 Jan 03

You don't need any other than the Window driver(s) to run the rewriter or CD-ROM drive.

Have you got it set to Master at the rear (you may have to move the jumper).

  MikeSm 15:01 20 Jan 03

Thanks for replying Stuartli.

The jumper is set to master, but the drive is not automatically detected by Win95, nor when I try through 'add new hardware'

Upon bootup an error message is shown saying that it is 'unable to detect adapi iede cdrom drive, device driver not loaded' (that is the main bulk of the message, but it goes past too quick!) - tho' I did not remove the original driver.

Am I not doing something very obvious???

  Switcher 15:13 20 Jan 03

Check your Autoexec.bat It should contain a line which is remmed out which invokes your dos cdrom driver. Edit the file by removing the remarks at the start of the line, Then restart PC

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