Re-installing 98/SE

  Gugs 22:35 09 Jun 03

My OS - windows98SE - has become somewhat fluffy around the edges over the years and I am going to clean up the HDD and re-instal.
However the SE part was a modification to the original 98.
Can I just re-instal from the SE CD or do I have to go through the 98 disc and then the SE?

  Agent Smith 22:44 09 Jun 03

I recently re-installed 98se. Go to control panel and use the Install feature, I do have a full 98se and not an upgrade.

  Agent Smith 22:46 09 Jun 03

I should have mentioned that you need to put your disc in the drive.

  smegs 23:50 09 Jun 03

Gugs. If U want to clean Ur hd, I would say do a full format and start again. That way U know that the Hd is clean of rubbish.

  smegs 23:52 09 Jun 03

Sorry Gugs. Try this site click here

  Danoh 00:44 10 Jun 03

I'm guessing that you have an Upgrade to 98/SE rather than the full SE. In which case you will need to install Win98 first, then the SE upgrade.

  DieSse 03:05 10 Jun 03

If you only have the upgrade version, you don't need to stsrt with the earlier version. Just start off with theupgrade CD, and at some point it will ask you to put in the original CD, just for verification purposes - nothing more.

  Danoh 10:39 10 Jun 03

DieSse; thanks for the correction! I'd always laboured through 2 installs previously!

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