Re-installed XP Still USB`s don`t work

  martin p 23:01 20 Mar 08

Hi All.
Need your help again please,girlfriends PC,USB`s were sometimes working, then not, printer seemed fine, but things like usb hardrive, flash drives, scanner, etc not recognised.
after a while PC would slow to a crawl.So MESH PC by the way 2 years old. i used recovery disc reinstalled XP , at fist seemed fine installed BT home hub, and Norton antivirus, same old problem all over again, also when on the net it seems fine. but if you scroll side ways it seems to do it in a ripple fashion, like waves on a beach.
Any ideas please. and thanks in antisipation Martin

  rdave13 02:33 21 Mar 08

With the usb problems can only suggest downloading SP2 again from here; click here hopefully the over installation will cure the usb drivers. Make sure nothing connected to any usb ports whilst installing.

The ripple effect could be graphics drivers.
Download PC Wizard, should give info about GPU and updates. click here

Download the graphics driver updates to desktop then go to control panel and uninstall original drivers. After reboot install new drivers. Will need to reboot again.
Hope that helps.

  BRYNIT 08:01 21 Mar 08

You may have too many USB devices connected to your computer at one time. If you have several USB devices connected to one USB port via a USB hub that does not have its own power supply this may cause the problem.

  martin p 09:10 21 Mar 08

rdave 13, thanks will will try this later.
BRYNIT, apart from the Printer, there was not normally any other item plugged in, so not normally overloaded.
Mesh were totally unhelpful, just suggested putting the recovery disc, back in !!
We tried it but no difference ?.

  Poitier 14:16 23 Mar 08

Did you backup the 'Drivers' folder before you did the reinstall. I recall that when I did a reinstall of a 3yr old Mesh recently I then had to install USB drivers from the backup.

  beeuuem 15:55 23 Mar 08

Have you tried removing all the ports - uninstalling them in Device Manager - and rebooting to allow them to be reinstalled?

  Totally-braindead 17:36 23 Mar 08

It sounds to me as if its all down to drivers. The motherboard drivers need to be installed first and then the graphics drivers and anything else. The USB problems could be solved by this as well, if not you need to update the windows patches to SP1 if you are not already at that stage.

If you don't have the motherboard drivers, and its possible you don't as they may be on a hidden partition on your hard drive, then if you can identify the motherboard you can get the drivers you need from their website.
Try SIW click here or belarc click here either of them should identify your motherboard.

  martin p 11:17 24 Mar 08

Thanks guys.

Have put sevice pack 2 on, and at this moment the drivers, seem to be working again, on a NEW all in one printer/scanner,
But still to reinstall/update drivers for the graphics card.
Thanks once again for your help.

  Totally-braindead 13:32 24 Mar 08

I thought it might be that. Glad its sorted.

Do reinstall all motherboard drivers though if you haven't already done it as windows will have loaded its own drivers to get it working but they might not be the proper drivers. And do this before you install the graphics drivers because otherwise there can sometimes be problems. Identify the motherboard using one of the programs I mentioned and then download all the drivers and reinstall them to be safe, and burn a copy of the drivers to disk so that you have them for future reinstallation. Saves you searching for them again!

  martin p 08:30 29 Mar 08

Thanks Totally-braindead,
Have learned a lot from this, yes did need to update to new ASUS drivers for sound and graphics,
Also have made a copy of the drivers etc.
It`s now like having a new PC.
Thanks all.

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