Re-install on partitioned hard drive.

  tintinuk67 22:58 14 Jul 08

I've got a 200gb HDD in my pc partitioned into a 30gb(c) & a 170gb(d).I have xp pro on the c partition & my extras on the d partition.

Am i right in thinking that if i want to re-install xp (to get rid of a load of accumulated crap) i just format the c partition and re-install xp on there and it will leave the d partition untouched.

  woodchip 23:08 14 Jul 08

Yes but you programs loaded on D:\ will not work after. You are better creating a Image after each install of C:\ Drive of new software or hardware. Putting this back. All things would work as at when you make the Image

  tintinuk67 08:53 15 Jul 08

The extras on the d partition are just music, pictures, films etc. There are no actual working programs installed on the d partition, so would that make any difference.

  Diemmess 09:16 15 Jul 08

Embellishing woodchip's point....


You may have film, music editing programs, or picture handling ones.
How about Internet configuration and addresses?
Any Microsoft Office stuff?

All this will go if you do a clean reinstall.

It doesn't really matter if you have backed up and have all the original disks including the motherboard drivers and are ready to spend several hours tweaking before everything is smooth once more.
On looking back it will seem it was worthwhile, but be very-very sure you have ALL the necessary installation stuff before you start

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