Re-install Broadband?

  tonyx1302 21:07 20 Mar 04

Okay.I admit it. I have been an avid fan of this forum and taken lots of ideas and suggestions on board. But I have now got myself in deep do-do! I have been tinkering with my B/B trying to make it SUPERFAST instead of leaving well alone. 'If it ain't broke'....comes to mind.
I have read and tried almost all of the threads suggested but have to admit that my once average speed B/B is now crawling,just. I have run boosters,tests,optimizers etc. etc. infact I have tried everything my very limited pc brain knows but I am just making it worse. Can I uninstall my modem (Speedtouch 330 ) and software and then completly reinstall from the beginging again.What are the problems if any and will this take me back to the speed I had when I set B/B originally. I am on XP and my ISP is Onetel


  keverne 21:33 20 Mar 04

Have you tried using system restore to get you back to a configuration before the 'adjustments'?

  tonyx1302 21:36 20 Mar 04

Hi daconnor. Yep tried that.No luck unfortunately

  JerryJay 21:40 20 Mar 04

Get ride of all of internet optimizers, speeder etc. They are just watse of time.

Nothing can pass physical barrier. 512kbs is the bandwidth ISP provide and 512kbs is maximum you can get. If you live very far from exchanger, then you cannot get maximum bandwidth.

BB is slow? What you need it for? It may not be you end is slow, maybe other end (the web site you are accessing) is slow. Go to this site to test your speed click here, for a 512kbs connection, you may get 470bks.

  tonyx1302 21:55 20 Mar 04

Thanks JerryJay. I have run the ASLD test twice. It says.....D/stream Actual423 True 456
U/stream Actual 244 True 263

I would appreciate your comments and agree. All the boosters etc. are a waste of time. Wish I had known that. Will re installing work?

  keverne 22:01 20 Mar 04

I'd suggest that you've got nothing to lose by removing the modem software then reinstalling.

USB being what it is can be a bit awkward so if you do install again use a different socket if available.

Don't ask me why but I've found that this can often get you out of trouble.

  tonyx1302 22:12 20 Mar 04

Hi daconnor.
What about my set up with Onetel . Will I have to re- register my Username,password etc. if I rThanks againeload my modem?

  keverne 07:31 21 Mar 04

You won't have to re-register with Onetel. Just enter your current username and password when requested by XP.

  JerryJay 09:30 21 Mar 04

Test results seem slow.

Uninstall and install may help. But, some windows internet setting may have been tweaked by some "optimizer". In this case, only someone know a lot about this can help you to tweak them back.

  tonyx1302 10:21 21 Mar 04

Thanks all. I've got cold feet now and I will leave well alone. My own fault though. Should have experimented in the first place. Is there a broadband expert out there who lives in the Alton ( Hants ) area who has a spare 30mins?!!!!!!

Thanks daconnor & JerryJay for your interest

  JerryJay 11:48 21 Mar 04

Last method: Reinatll Windows and everything start clean. Backup your data first if you want to do this.

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