re- How do l remove this

  Abbiepuss 11:22 19 Oct 03

A few days ago l downloaded some pictures to put in outlook exspress email but just after it started l cancelled it.
Since then when l log on l get' Finalizing Installation' running across the top part of my screen, just under customise links on ie. It starts from there and goes towards the left side and then starts again.
Will be glad of any help as its bugging

  john-232317 14:45 19 Oct 03

"just under customise links on ie. It starts from there and goes towards the left side and then starts again."

Tell me where customise links is ??

  hugh-265156 17:18 19 Oct 03

dito bump!

  Abbiepuss 15:21 21 Oct 03

Sorry am late answering this but have had a problem getting back into this site even though been a member for years.
On the bar at the top and under were the website address bar, in there is a e sign and next to is customise links.
This is were this ' finalising installation' is runnig across to the left of the screen.
The email extra's that l started to downloded to My Docs are not in there as l canncelled the download but still have this running across the screen,

  froggg 17:42 21 Oct 03

go back to the site-resume download,finish THEN delete them.

  Abbiepuss 17:37 22 Oct 03

Sorry but cannot remember the site, as it came up, the download when l had outlook exspress open,

  Big Elf 17:48 22 Oct 03

Have a look in IE 'History'. With luck you may be able to track down the site.

  Stuartli 17:50 22 Oct 03

Customise is found by right clicking on the top bar on a clear area.....

It's for customising the icons such as Back, Stop, Media etc.

Have you tried right clicking on the finalising installation area and choosing Properties? It might provide the URL if you are lucky.

  Abbiepuss 18:44 22 Oct 03

Thanks for the info, am going to try it,

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