Re-format Hard Drive??

  Antz 21:43 02 May 04

I have removed a 2.5" HDD from a Creative MP3 player that I no longer require. I intend to use it as an external usb 2.0 disk drive using a 'Cooldisk' kit purchased on click here. However, I cannot reformat the drive. I have tried both disk management in windows XP and partition magic. Both options report errors during formatting and allocating drive letters. Partition magic reports a 'BAD' partition and fails to do anything with it. This is all probably due to the type of filing system or possible root directories used by the creative jukebox player.......Any suggestions. Incidentally, I am using a 3.5' to 2.5' adaptor to connect the drive to a vacant IDE connection on my P.C.

  LastChip 22:06 02 May 04

You could try and use something like Seagate DiscWizard and see if it recognizes the drive. If you know the manufacturer, they may have their own software that will do a more effective job.

If so, use the option to write zero's to the drive, which will effectively wipe it clean and then try a format in your chosen file type.

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