Re-Format Cant get by Administrator Sign in,

  birdface 23:49 10 Dec 06

Hi, Sons computer crashed again,Can only get into the bios,But managed to reformat computer, But when it gets to end of format box pops up wanting Administrator username and password,Cannot get passed it,I told my son that it was probably his username and password that we needed,But he said he never used one,Anyone know how we can overcome this.Also is there anything in the bios that will reset it to run normally,As I think that I may have changed one or two things that i should not have,And cant remember if I reinstalled them properly.Everything was running great till we got the Admin box, And just cannot get past it,

  skidzy 23:52 10 Dec 06

Hi Buteman

Try disabling the password in the bios,though if a password was never entered ..leave blank and enter.

  brundle 23:57 10 Dec 06

Tried `Administrator` and blank password?

  birdface 00:11 11 Dec 06

Ok ,It looks like he managed to get it started, Sorry for wasting your time, Thanks .

  skidzy 00:15 11 Dec 06

No probs buteman.

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