Re directing emails

  ICF 11:47 07 Feb 06

I have an account with Pipex and one main email address.My daughter has an email address on this account also.How can I filter her emails to her computer on my wireless network.I have tried various message rules but none seem to work.

  Mytob 12:17 07 Feb 06
  ICF 12:25 07 Feb 06
  Mytob 12:39 07 Feb 06

which mail prog you use the dreaded outlook or thunderbird or summin similer. i asume you want it forwarded to one of these such programs.

  ICF 12:40 07 Feb 06

Yea outlook

  Mytob 12:48 07 Feb 06

hmm first suggestion switch to summin different as it is so easy to catch worms ect through them and they are so easy to write as you can do them in vbs and almost all of the good ones these days attack outlook. id suggest thunderbird as this is fairly good or a similer opensource mail client.

  Mytob 12:49 07 Feb 06
  Mytob 12:52 07 Feb 06

one other thought is these email like [email protected] and [email protected] or both [email protected] but with differnt accounts on the same email address?

  ICF 13:17 07 Feb 06

They both end have one main email account and 1 what pipex call a mail boxes.You can have 10 mail boxes on the account.All I want to do is if somebody send my daughter an email it goes to her computer not mine.

  Mytob 19:53 07 Feb 06

i have to admit that this is getting beyond me as i dont use outlook dew to security reasons and so never had the problem. id suggest the easies way of doing it is just get another yahoo or hotmail account. there free and work well for me.

  Stuartli 20:15 07 Feb 06

If you go to OE's Help pages and key in Creating Identities, which describes how to configure individual accounts, it should solve your problem.

That's why the Help pages are provided and those from MS are always very comprehensive.

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