Re-connecting to Netgear DG834G router

  Mike_R 20:17 PM 04 Nov 10

I've had to take my grandchildren's desktop and reload the Win XP OS after running Killdisk on it.

When I plugged the ethernet cable to the router, I could not reconnect to the Broadband internet. I don'tknow whether I used the same router port as before.

Will I have to reinstall the router software and, if so, do I just rerun the Smart Wizard from the Netgear CD? I assume that I will have to set up the wireless links to the two laptops again.

  Strawballs 01:43 AM 05 Nov 10

You should not have to load any software for router on the PC are you sure you have got the drivers for the network card or onboard whichever is on it?

  Mike_R 09:57 AM 05 Nov 10

You are right. I've forgotten about the network drivers. I had to do this a few years ago but have no idea where the driver CD is now. Could I use my owm driver CD for Win XP?

  Strawballs 16:28 PM 05 Nov 10

It needs to be the drivers for that network device what is the make and model of machine?

  Mike_R 17:34 PM 08 Nov 10

Thanks. I found the driver disk and connected the PC to the internet.

  Strawballs 22:37 PM 08 Nov 10

Glad it is now sorted you can tick as resolved.


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