muffin1947 21:51 05 Dec 06

Whenever I have to re-start my computer after say doing a update or installing a new programme I keep getting the following message in the middle of the screen.

Self Test in a green background
Check your PC and signal cable in red background
Monitor is working in blue background.

This message flashes of and on every few seconds and I am unable to restart my computer.I have to leave it for about 10 .mins and then I can usually restart it.It then asks me if I want to start it in its last known good setting or to start it normally which do I choose.I am now afraid to do any updates or install any new programmes because of this problem.Can anyone help.Sorry it's so long.I am using XP Professional

  woodchip 21:54 05 Dec 06

This sound like it may be faulty Graphics. It could be a pin on the Monitor cable

  lotvic 22:41 05 Dec 06

The monitor is not receiving the proper signal from the pc.
Check the cable from pc to monitor is firmly seated. Also the graphics card may have become slightly dislodged. Remove the graphics card from the motherboard, check that there isn't a lot of dust in and around the slot and then push the graphics card back into the slot
If that doesn't work then try a different pc to monitor cable

  birdface 11:21 06 Dec 06

Do what Lotvic+Woodchip say,Son had same problem, Opened his computer, Completely covered in dust and fluff,Air vents blocked,fans covered in fluff,Never been opened in 4 years, [Mine will probably be the same]I used small soft bristle paint brush and with extension on hoover gave it a good clean out,Pin In moitor cable was bent,but although we had the same as you it would not start in safe mode or any other,So had to re-format,So if you follow the advice that you have been given, You might not have to re-format yours, Good luck.

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