re -absract art

  Jade 14 G 22:34 10 Feb 07

I have had Paint shop pro and lost the number when moving but for what l want it for it was a bit difficult. I am looking for a free or reasonabe software that l can play around with colours and then copy into fracuals on fabric, any ideas

  alB 22:42 10 Feb 07

This one might interest you click here ...alB

  Jade 14 G 23:21 10 Feb 07

Thanks for that but should have said l tried this one it was more on the pho'to side and a bit of a story as ordered something at christmas from a website and this came instead and was charged £21.99 and then l found it free on the web, am still fighting them about it,

  mco 00:10 11 Feb 07
  Jade 14 G 15:33 11 Feb 07

Thank you so much , its just what l wanted and its downloading now and quick and broardband is not good in my area so its dial up and its going to take about twenty minutes.
There is lots of other stuff from that link, there is another l found that will download into a portable drive.
It won't copy and paste but there is links from the main part,
Thanks again, l was in the right place, been a member 7 years

  Jade 14 G 15:51 11 Feb 07

Downloaded gimp shop but when l opened it they could not find a server there, so still looking,

  PurplePenny 19:07 11 Feb 07

Not sure what you mean about the server. The GIMP doesn't need a server.

  Jade 14 G 20:15 11 Feb 07

Thats just what l thought but that is what it said and have tried three times. said l have to download a framework that takes 60 mins on broardband and l sent the same email to help room and got no answer, all l am looking for is a program that l can distort a picture then quarter it and print fabric that has been ironed onto freezer paper so make 4 A4 copies and then when l have that l do the rest wih fabric on top of it,

  PurplePenny 20:41 11 Feb 07

I've never used GIMPShop but I do use GIMP. I just downloaded and installed it. I didn't need to download anything else. Maybe GIMPShop is different (though I thought that it just looked different). Try downloading the plain GIMP instead.

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