Raw mode best printer setting?

  carlos 20:33 29 Sep 03

Have problems with printing to a laserjet 6L HP printer. Checking printer settings and noted "raw mode " was set. What is this and is it the best setting? Be very grateful for advice.

  BarryKeith 21:00 29 Sep 03

Raw mode can be described as a "universal" setting as it allows the printing of anything by sending raw data to the printer, another possible mode to use would be graphics mode, if available, but would not make any improvement over raw mode.
The alternative is to have the printer use its inbuilt fonts, which you would find extremely limiting as there are only a few fonts available, not all of which you can use.

  woodchip 21:04 29 Sep 03

There is another mode if you can get it EMF it works faster if you printer will allow it. in the same box it's a drop down. You colud try to see if it will print

  carlos 21:27 29 Sep 03

So, Raw is not neccessarily worse? The word implies this, I think? Hence my confusion.

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