Raspberry Pi Computer

  geedad 16 Mar 12

Ordered a Raspberry Pi early March, not yet delivered. Anyone in same boat? Also, I need to do floating points, decimal points in Pi, but can't afford the high price of the manual, which is dearer than the PC! Can somebody help, please? geedad

  iscanut2 16 Mar 12

News item re possible delay in production http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-17311146

  robin_x 16 Mar 12

I want one too eventually. I hope forums and how-to articles will appear online.

More discussion here

I think del on first orders is mid to end-May (from Farnell?)

  geedad 16 Mar 12



Many thanks, both! Looks like I have a long wait!


(On this site, and this site ONLY, something seems to be wrong with my wireless mouse. Trying to correct spelling mistakes etc., is very difficult. The spot where the cursor falls, seems to stay at that point for some time, even though I try to move the cursor!...)

  robin_x 16 Mar 12

Dunno bout the mouse. Is it same with PCA in another browser? If you start Task Manager, is anything hogging CPU?

Maybe best to start a new thread.

  Housten 17 Mar 12

geedad, iscanut and robinofloxley

Sorry to intrude on your question but I have seen several aticles on this computer, but what I haven't seen is whether or not you can load anything you want on to it. I used to do some [ very ] simple programming for myself, but with Vista and Windows 7 the programme I wish to run, won't. So what I would like to know is if the computer will run Windows 3.22, or is trying to get something that old not possible. Most of what I did I can do in Excel - more complicatedly I admit and not eveything - but if it will run these do you know how they could be installed as I understand these computers have no input/output controls. I am probably wrong or have completely misunderstood about these computers but if anyone can put a brain dead pensioner on the right lines I would be very grateful.

  woodchip 17 Mar 12

it will not run windows. Its made to run Linux

  robin_x 17 Mar 12

Specifically, I believe it's just Linux Fedora at the moment.

I haven't hunted very hard.

PC download at fedoraproject.org if you want to play with a Live CD. The Pi version may be different.


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