Rapport stops Avast Anti Virus!

  subi 03 Nov 12

I have been using Rapport for over a year now.My OS is Windows 7 Pro. I also have the free version of Avast installed. Yesterday on booting up the Avast program was unable to open! On trying a number of solutions, without success, I noticed that a Rapport download (unknown to me) had occurred the day before. After deleting the Rapport program I find that Avast is working as normal! Has anyone else experienced this problem? Is Rapport in conflict with Avast software? Thank you

  rdave13 03 Nov 12

I'm using Avast and Rapport. Both working OK. Try going to the Rapport site and downloading the latest version.

  subi 03 Nov 12

Thanks Jock1e and rdave13.....I have checked on the Internet about Rapport and it has had a mixed response. I think I will do withoutit for now

  onthelimit1 03 Nov 12

I've mentioned before in these forums the number of computers I've seen where Rapport was causing problems. An indication of the weaknesses is revealed when you uninstall Rapport - you are faced with a load of options to choose from as to why you are carrying out the uninstall. Looks to me as though the writers of the programme are using the bank's customers as guinea pigs. I'd steer well clear.

  Taff™ 03 Nov 12

I have had all sorts of problems with Rapport mainly on older XP systems that cannot cope with it's system requirements - needs too much resource. That said I do have several friends and clients that run Avast and Rapport without a problem. I haven't heard of any problems recently but there's time yet!

Suggest you uninstall both. Reinstall Avast First, update it to make sure you have the latest version and then Rapport. To be honest though, even when I had Rapport installed it never did anything - rather like Defender ;0)


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