Rapport Service encountered a problem

  andy63walsh 28 Apr 11

I keep getting these messages. Rapport Service encountered a problem and needs to close.......so I click that and another message comes up.... Microsoft Visual C++ runtime library.....Runtime error.....C:program files......rapport service... So I went to add remove programs, removed rapport rebooted, but the messages keep coming, any ideas?

  rdave13 28 Apr 11

Try going to the Rapport site, for your browser, and install again. It automatically removes older files to reinstall. It did this for me when I updated for IE9.

  andy63walsh 28 Apr 11

I done that, it now says uninstal the old version before you install the new one, I have but it thinks it is still there?

  Taff™ 28 Apr 11

It probably is still there - I`ve had the same problem with several clients computers. Run CCleaner registry tool first. Then see if it is in CCleaners uninstall tool. If not look for the Rapport uninstall link from all programs.

Rapport is a real resource hog and it doesn`t inspire confidence when you uninstall it to be taken to a web page which alludes to resource problems and how it can be fixed.

  rdave13 28 Apr 11

Remove folders

Shows how to remove the folders manually. Be careful you only remove the Trusteer folders only. Then I'd reboot again before trying to reinstall.

  andy63walsh 28 Apr 11

Tried all that, still no luck

  andy63walsh 03 May 11

Any more ideas ?

  Taff™ 03 May 11

Are you sure that there arent any rapport services running in the background?

  rawprawn 03 May 11

Try this but make a backup of the registry first Start> Run> type regedit and hit Enter. Make sure Computer at the top is Highlighted then go to "Edit" and click Find> type rapport and hit Enter> delete aything it finds then select Find Next and delete that continue until it finds no more. Backup the registry BEFORE you start so that you can get bak to square one if needs be.


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