Ransomware threat - recent report

  jonem81 11:50 17 Nov 12

Ransomware Threat. Is ther a way to avoid this? jonem81

  Diemmess 12:51 17 Nov 12

jonem81 is asking how to avoid rather than remove....... Isn't he?

If so then good anti virus and firewall with both up to date should work.

  jonem81 15:10 17 Nov 12

Jock1e Thanks for your reply.


Thank you also ,Diemmess .

  Woolwell 15:49 17 Nov 12

To help avoid, don't go to dodgy sites and be very careful on what you click on and download.

  jonem81 19:17 17 Nov 12

Woolwell Thanks for your reply. jonem81

  Diemmess 19:53 17 Nov 12

It is only too easy with the best intentions to download something nasty.

Only yesterday I was sent some text to be poshed up for an advert in our village magazine. I don't know what software was used, (the garage is better at cars than it is with computers), but the file had a subscript of .aww

Windows couldn't find anything to open this weird file, but Google search led me to Speedyfix While trying to install, this brought a rash of objections from the Firewall. I persisted briefly and was soon convinced that this Speedyfix was Malware. I couldn't stop whatever was trying to take over.

So perhaps I overreacted, but with a disobedient computer, I shut down and rebooted from the CD to restore a recent copy of (C:)Acronis. All's well again, the only overhead was 40 mins restoring and CClean-ing then updating Windows with the Wednesday security lump.

  Diemmess 12:55 19 Nov 12

Thanks Marg7

After a presumed brush with malware I went the longer way round and simply copied with two fingers the small amount of text from a PDF I had already been given.


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