Random Slow-downs in XP

  ade.h 23:33 10 Sep 03

My WinXP PC has been playing up lately, with random slow-downs, restarts in about 1 in 10 boot-ups, occasional failure to load systray programs (ie. volume control and Norton Firewall) and even USB on one occasion.

I've had to cure a few DLL errors with SFC and Error reports are frequent, sometimes 5-10 per session, sometimes none for a few days.

As to why? Well, it's all defragged and scandisked, I've made no system changes or software installs for months (apart from the usual Windows Updates), there doesn't appear to be any hardware conflicts and it's virus free.

The OS installation is only 8 months old, so I want to avoid a re-format and re-install if possible.

  Socalled 23:50 10 Sep 03
  User-312386 00:03 11 Sep 03

try this

start>run type sfc /scannow

this will chack all the files in XP

make sure you have the XP disc to hand

  ade.h 22:58 11 Sep 03

As I said in my post, I have already run SFC to cure some DLL errors which, for now, appear to be OK. But a variety of errors and other probs still occur at random.

  ade.h 21:11 12 Sep 03

click here didn't mention anything new.
Anyone else got any ideas? Is a re-install the best option? Or maybe I'll give up and buy a Power Mac...

  ade.h 22:10 14 Sep 03


  AL D. 22:26 14 Sep 03

Have you tried bootvis?

  ade.h 22:31 14 Sep 03

What is Bootvis, what effect will it have and how do I use it? I can't find any reference to it in my Win XP books.

  ade.h 18:46 16 Sep 03


  ade.h 23:24 28 Sep 03

Re: my first post - I haven't had any error reports for a few days now (at least, not in my own user account) but the start-up glitches are worse and more frequent. I sometimes have to restart up to 3 times just to get every service and program to run. I'm not very familiar with msconfig or the Recovery Console, so I haven't been able to check the boot files or disable certain services (assuming that would find the root cause). If anybody out there has had similar problems with XP and knows more, please help, before my PC meets with an accident!

  ade.h 23:29 28 Sep 03

The second user account (also an administrator) still gets at least one error report per day, usually first thing in the morning. Once the PC has been used for some time or gets booted up again, the problems are less common. Is this just coincidence?

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