Random PC Crash

  Hemnsy 16:01 14 Nov 05


I am now getting random PC crashes.
I have just upgraded my Graphic Card to a Nvidia 6600GT, could this be faulty.
Is it my PSU is it not powerfull enough or is overheating.
It mainly runs ok when on the web, maily seems to crash during games.

not sure where to start.


  Skyver 16:06 14 Nov 05

You're probably right on the PSU front - do you know what wattage your current one is...excuse the pun

  The Ghost of Inept Pig 16:14 14 Nov 05

Here's a handy link for judging what size of PSU would be suitable for your system - click here

  woodchip 16:15 14 Nov 05

That's my guess also PSU, cannot deliver

  Hemnsy 16:26 14 Nov 05


I will have a look at the wattage of my current one but I have a feeling it is quite low.

I have seen click here

will this deliver or do I get what I pay for ?

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