Random PC Beeps

  Mastermind 21:48 06 Sep 03

I have noticed that every so often the internal speaker in my old computer beeps. This sometimes happens whilst I'm using it and other times when it's been left on unattended.

It has only recently done this and it only happens about once every other day.

Any ideas what could be causing it? Is it a sign that something is faulty?

  sdf 21:50 06 Sep 03

This is just a wild guess... but might it be a warning that your bios battery is on its way out? the same way smoke detectors beep when their batteries are running out. I have no idea if that is possible - but it doesnt sound beyond the relms of reason

  Mastermind 22:13 06 Sep 03

Great idea!

I'll try replacing it and see if that helps.

Now I just have to work out what battery I need and where to get one?

  Pauper 22:48 06 Sep 03

If the battery is a little obscure and cannot be purchased from a jewler etc, click here may be able to help.

  Mastermind 00:16 07 Sep 03

I've made out the following written on the battery.

"Panasonic CR2832 3V"

  sdf 00:25 07 Sep 03

If it is anything like any other bios battery Ive ever seen it should be a standard size. I dont know if this is what is wrong. I dont know if Pops, Gandalf or any other of our resident oracles have any better ideas?

  Mastermind 00:28 07 Sep 03

Had another look. I think it actually says:

"Panasonic CR2032 3V"

  Mastermind 00:38 07 Sep 03

Looks like it'll be quite easy to get hold of this. Worth a try I think.

  hugh-265156 02:13 07 Sep 03

not sure about other operating systems but in xp you can disable the internal speaker if using external ones.click control panel/sounds and audio devices/volume/advanced/options/ tick advanced controls and then tick the advanced tab and mute internal speaker.

sometimes you get one beep if you insert a ps2 or usb device,this just normally means all is ok.one beep at start up click here

  Mastermind 14:10 16 Sep 03

Got my battery. Need to know now how to change it. Will I lose any settings?

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