random bsod APC_INDEX_MISMATCH OADriver.sys?

  theDarkness 15:58 PM 24 Feb 12

Theres not much else to say, a random blue screen of death on a vista laptop whilst on my bank website. I have had this twice so far, info:


address 8D883316

base at 8D87A000

datestamp 4d9c47de

any ideas of the main cause? thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:22 PM 24 Feb 12

BSOD on bank websites are often caused by the bank security and your av clashing.

I forget exactly the name of the bank security program that most of them use that causes this problem I'm sure someone-else will come up with the answer.

  theDarkness 16:42 PM 24 Feb 12

Im using avast antivirus and zonealarm-the last time I got the blue screen, I should have noted what website I was on :) thanks, if it happens again Ill note which one to try and find out if its just the one website causing the issue or not. I was using firefox

  ams4127 17:08 PM 24 Feb 12

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