Random BBC iPlayer problems on Nexus tablet

  Pineman100 11:43 31 Mar 14

My wife has a Google Nexus 7.2 tablet. She often uses it to listen to BBC radio via the BBC iPlayer or the BBC Radio iPlayer. She receives the Wi-Fi signal upstairs from a Devolo powerline Wi-Fi extender, and downstairs from our BT Home Hub 5.

This new Home Hub was installed last week by a BT engineer, when our broadband connection was upgraded to the Infinity service. Prior to this upgrade, my wife's iPlayer reception was absolutely fine. Now, however, it suffers completely random problems, when some stations behave normally, but other refuse to play, and we get an error report "Service unavailable. Please check your network connection (3024)". I have checked the Wi-Fi signal at such times, and it's always "Excellent".

The problem is bizarre. I have sat in one spot in the house, called up Radio 2 on the Radio iPlayer app and got the above report. I have immediately switched to the BBC iPlayer app and successfully received Radio 2.

The problem never seems to affect catch-up programmes - only live ones.

Any advice on what's happening, and how to solve it, would be very gratefully received.

  Pineman100 14:24 31 Mar 14


  ams4127 21:55 31 Mar 14

I would suggest calling BT and having them sort the problem, since it would appear that they caused it.

I will be interested to find out what the fault is because I am using iPlayer with HH4 and am waiting for the infinity upgrade. You have now sown the seed of doubt in my mind!

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