RAM/Motherboard compatability

  i have no nickname 13:49 30 Mar 03

More help for a novice please.I currently have a Gigabyte GA-71XE4 Motherboard.This doesnot support UDMA 100 and above Hard drives. As I have 512 mb of RAM on the board I am a bit loath to buy a new motherboard and RAM. Does any one know an A-socket Motherboard which supports UDMA100(or above)HDD and takes the same type of RAM(SDRAM, PC133, unbuffered, non parity) as my existing Motherboard? If not there will be some RAM for sale.

  MAJ 14:12 30 Mar 03

You could buy a PCI to IDE card, i have no nickname, and install that, you should be able to get one which will support your drive. I think they cost around £30 or so.

  MAJ 14:13 30 Mar 03

Forgot to say: That would mean you wouldn't have to change your m/b or your RAM.

  DieSse 15:51 30 Mar 03

If your motherboard supports UDMA66, i wouldn't worry - you'll never notice the difference, as HDDs can't do sustained transfer rates even at that speed. So if all you want to do is connect a UDMA100/133 drive - just do it.

  jediknight007 16:33 30 Mar 03

This motherboard supports UDMA-100 click here Allows you to use your SDRAM and then upgrade later to DDR RAM if you want.

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