RAM x2 ?

  leemon 17:59 17 Mar 03

im looking to buy a dell pc,I want to use it for games,2.8 P4 1024 RAM but it say 2x512MB DIMM-what does this mean?
Is this good enough for gameplaying,any other suggestions on a spec?

  MAJ 18:01 17 Mar 03

It means that to make up the total 1024MB of RAM it uses two 512 MB memory modules. More than sufficient to play games if combined with a good graphics card.

  leemon 18:04 17 Mar 03

128Mb ati radeon 9700tx graphics card.

  leemon 18:07 17 Mar 03

how does that work?having 2 modules-sorry to sound ignorant but im not very experienced with tech stuff.

  MAJ 18:08 17 Mar 03

I'm a committed non-gamer, leemon, but that looks like a good graphics card to me. Our expert gamers will let you have more info soon I'm sure.

  Rayuk 18:13 17 Mar 03

1Gb Memory sticks are not common thats why its 2 x 512Mb sticks.
Just checked at Crucial website 1Gb sticks are £450+ whereas 512Mb are £50+

  MAJ 18:15 17 Mar 03

On your motherboard, leemon, there are a number of slots, into which you can install memory modules. If there are three slots, different motherboards have differnet numbers of slots, you can install 3 memory modules. Your motherboard will have a limitation to the size of memory module it can use. Older m/bs might be restricted to modules of 256MBs or less, therefore, if they have three slots, the maximum amount of memory they can have installed is 3x 256MBs = 768 MBs. Newer m/bs might support modules up to 1024MB in each slot.

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