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  Ram_mEmory 17:48 24 Feb 15

Those are my specs:

CPU: Intel Pentium D940 Presler Dual Core

Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC. P5WD2-Premium Intel i955x

RAM: DDR2 1GB 334,2 MHz

So I have installed windows 7 32, but I surely need more RAM gb's, so my question is what type of RAM should I buy? Should I just look for DDR2 types or is there something else more? And how much does it costs?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:42 24 Feb 15

Cheap RAM isn't always worth the risk!

Older RAM an be more expensive as the customer base shrinks.

Not worth fitting more than 4 Gig if you are only running a 32bit version of windows 7 as it cant use anymore.

Crucial have a RAM test, they are not the cheapest place to buy from however if the RAM doesn't work when you install it they will replace it.

You could always use Crucial's RAM check to find out what RAM is suitable for your machine then buy it cheaper from elsewhere.

  Ram_mEmory 22:16 24 Feb 15

Ok, I have just noted that these are cheap RAMs. OK, I will run later Crucial on my computer (writing from laptop now). Another question, can I throw out this existing RAM and buy a new better? Probably not,but, just asking...

  wee eddie 00:09 25 Feb 15

Any RAM that you buy will only work at the speed of the slowest, regardless of its own speed.

So, see what Crucial recommends. If you already have a Single Stick, replace it with a single 3 gig or 4 gig stick.

  rdave13 00:13 25 Feb 15


Always buy new ram in pairs if dual channel unless you go for a single 4 gig stick.

  Ram_mEmory 09:46 25 Feb 15

Ok guys, so I have ran the crucial and it has noted that I have Maximum memory of 8gb, Slots: 4 (2 banks of 2) *Not to exceed manufacturer supported memory (not sure what this means?), and it has also noted that I have 1gb (DDR PC2-5300). So by this, I can buy whatever MHz 2 slots (4gb) and get this 1gb out ?

  Ram_mEmory 09:50 25 Feb 15

And I forgot, can someone paste some links of RAM's that I can use? It can be from ebay or whatever,just so I can see the price...

  alanrwood 18:42 25 Feb 15

With all due respect why don't you do it yourself. You get the spec from Crucial and paste it into the eBay search.

  Ram_mEmory 19:37 25 Feb 15

I did it by myself and I think this is the right one click here need to upgrade my os to 64 bit and that's all


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:57 25 Feb 15

Dual channel memory architecture

4 x 240-pin DIMM sockets support max. 8GB DDR2 800/ 667/ 533 ECC and non-ECC memory

Native DDR2 800 Support

Intel MPT (Intel Memory Pipeline Technology)

enter link description here

  wee eddie 22:48 25 Feb 15

Parity or Non-Parity?

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