RAM Upgrade in Notebook. 2 Questions !!

  mooly 08:22 05 Dec 08

I am considering increasing the RAM in my ACER Aspire 9301 from 1gb to 2gb using memory from crucial. Running Vista HP.
Question 1. Would the RAM work straight off or does anything need to be configured in the BIOS. I have never even entered the BIOS yet.

Question 2. Would the gains be worthwhile. On web pages FSecure Internet security is the most "hogging" resource. Would this improve.
On other applications it's realy not that bad, just occasional spells of HDD activity which can occasionally freeze the system for up to 30 or 40 seconds or so.
Full start up time at the moment is around 2.5 to 3.5 minutes for the full desktop to appear and a further 4 or 5 mins for the HDD to settle down to "idle".

  mooly 08:54 05 Dec 08

Have just run the crucial memory adviser scan. It reports I have 0 gb ( zero ) installed RAM and that according to the result my system already has the maximum amount of RAM fitted. Nice one !!

  mooly 12:08 10 Dec 08

Fitted two 1GB modules from Crucial. Two minutes of a job. The results seem impressive, better than I would have ever hoped. Very much quicker indeed, opening applications, startup shutdown, what more can I say. The RAM usage gauge is now in the high 30% range, it was nearer 85-90 before a lot of the time.

  Rahere 12:13 10 Dec 08

I'd glad this worked out - this confirms most people's experience with Vista - you need at least 2 Gb for it to run properly, despite whatever MS might say.

  mooly 12:24 10 Dec 08

It seems so. Previously I had played around with Readyboost, which always ended in tears.
No I have to say this was the best move, and the cost was around £20.
I am well pleased !!! Should have done this months ago.

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