RAM upgrade - module size

  The Belarussian Mafia 21:09 04 Nov 06

Wanting to upgrade from 512Mb RAM. Buying 1G seems best long-term option, but at present I have 2 x 256Mb modules. If I add the 1Gb, would it perhaps actually slow the PC down to then add back the two 256 modules so there is a total of 1.5Gb?

  GEEKSTA 22:36 04 Nov 06

i dont think it will slow your computer down? if anything it should speed it up because you are adding more RAM memory?

  anskyber 22:43 04 Nov 06

Always assuming your PC will take it. Why not do a scan from here click here to find out.

  terryf 22:48 04 Nov 06

If you have an Intel dual thread processor, it can be better to buy ram in pairs read your mobo handbook

  Ashrich 23:17 04 Nov 06

terryf is on the right track , but any motherboard that has a dual channel memory controller is best having it's memory installed in pairs ( AMD as well , although the new Athlons have a dual channel memory controller built in to the chip ) Modern motherboards quite often have 4 memory slots so you could add a pair of 512mb memory cards to achieve 1.5gb .


  The Belarussian Mafia 01:25 05 Nov 06

I've got a pretty top notch motherboard: SLI-enabled with an AMD 3000+ chip. Ashrich - I suspected that what you say is correct, but just wondered how significant the impact would be if the different-sized RAM sticks were installed.

Context: one of my lads is getting Medieval II: Total War & he is very keen to max out as many settings as possible. (NVidiA 128MB GT6600 graphics card.) He has been a bit disappointed with how far he could stretch things on Rome: Total War...

  Ashrich 09:23 05 Nov 06

I think the graphics card may also be a bottleneck here , 128mb is a bit small for top notch gaming especially with AA turned on . Different sized memory modules aren't a problem as long as the pairs match ( 2 x 256mb and 2 x 512mb ) . As for the SLI motherboard , what about getting another GT6600 , same as the one you have , make sure to get the right one so they run together , and have an SLI setup , now that would run his games at lightening pace , and Christmas is just around the corner .....


  The Belarussian Mafia 19:15 07 Nov 06

Ashrich - I read somewhere that using the SLI only makes a significant difference if you have a large screen (ours is only a 15" LCD).

The biggest question remains: how would the PC perform with a 1x1Gb stick combined with 2x256Gb? Would it actually perform better with just the 1 Gb on its own?

  The Belarussian Mafia 18:04 08 Nov 06

If nobody knows, I'll maybe just have to buy a couple of 256Mb sticks to make it 4 x 256, just to be safe.

  ed-0 18:23 08 Nov 06

make and model of motherboard?

Unless it is running in dual channel mode, the 1Gb stick would be best. As to using another 2 x 256Mb dimms,to make 1Gb, that depends on the motherboard. If it is dual channel and it can take the extra 2 x 256Mb. Then this would be your better option.

4 x 256Mb running in dual channel mode will be faster than 1Gb running at it's bog standard frequency.

  The Belarussian Mafia 18:46 08 Nov 06

ASUS A8N-SLI. Not sure if dual channel, but if it is, I'll take your advice!

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