commando 13:29 07 Jan 03
  commando 13:29 07 Jan 03

Hi, i want to insall some more ram, i currently have 128mb of sdram 100mhz (168pin) my mother board manual says i can use either 100mhz or 133mhz ram, can i put 128mb sdram 133mhz alogside the 100mhz ram already fitted?

  recap 13:37 07 Jan 03

commando, as long as your motherboard supports both then yes, but remember the high spec memory will clock down to the lower spec memory stick.

  drab 13:40 07 Jan 03

Oi went to upgrade my ram,but when he saw the bottle he just ran away!Ithink i will get another one,and hope they dont conflict with each other,I only have a small field.

  commando 13:48 07 Jan 03

cheers, recap, do u think it would improve performance to replace the 100mhz one for a 133mhz one? i dont really understand what the speed rating is for !!!

  powerless 13:51 07 Jan 03

Nope no difference will be noticeable unless you are doing some serious stuff.

  commando 13:54 07 Jan 03

thanks all my questions have been answered, first time i have used this forum, ill be back!!!

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