Ram upgrade advice

  dave9782 16:37 27 Sep 06

Hi if i upgrade my ram from 1gb - 2gb will there be a noticable increase of performance?

  STREETWORK 16:59 27 Sep 06

You will see a difference, but the upgrade may be offset by other things such as hard disk space, graphics card RAM and processor speed. Unless you are running highend graphic video/picture editing it is probably not worth the upgrade.

  gudgulf 17:32 27 Sep 06

What programs/games are you running are you running?

In general going above 1GB won't improve system speed.

What it can do is make enough RAM available to run demanding programs and allow for all your Windows applications to remain in RAM rather than swap out to the Page File.

It makes for quicker closing back to the desktop....and some games DO need more than 1GB.Those will run smoother because they too wont need to use the Page File.

In short it makes things run smoother rather than faster,but only with extremely memory hungry programs.

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