RAM upgrade

  DW1 10 Apr 12

I have a Win7 32-bit system which had 2x1GB of RAM - I've just upgraded that to 2X2GB - however the system says I only have 2.5Gb total ie 2GB in one slot 512Mb in the other. I took one of the new modules out and replaced it with one of the old 1GB modules and then the system told me I had 3GB of RAM. I've tried this both ways round to check that each of the new 2GB modules is ok.

I understand that 32-bit Windows can't see more than about 3-3.5GB RAM but I'm confused as to why 2x2GB should give less memory than 2+1GB

Any ideas?

  northumbria61 10 Apr 12

Try putting 1 x 2GB in - boot up and check amount - shutdown. Reboot with 2 x 2GB in and see check to see what you get.

  DW1 15 Apr 12

Hi northumbria61 Thanks for your reply - stuill no luck though - I tried booting up with only 1x2GB in then re-installing the other one and still only get 2.5GB total RAM


  Nontek 15 Apr 12

To use more than 4Gb RAM with Win7, you must have the 64bit version. Your video will be using some of the RAM, so you should only expect to see about 3.2Gb from 4Gb inserted.

  KRONOS the First 16 Apr 12

Did you try each 2GB singly as it sounds like a possible faulty module?

  DW1 16 Apr 12

Hi, Yes tried each module seperatly - both gave 2GB on their own.

In reply to nontek - yes I understand about not getting 4GB with 32-bit but what I don't understand is why 2+2GB gives 2.5GB total while 2+1GB gives 3GB total?



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