RAM Upgrade

  andydgra 18:30 29 Dec 11

I've upgraded ram by removing 4 512 and adding 3 1G and 1 512, so I should have 3.5G, makes no difference where I put the 512 it still shows 3G, I know xp will recognise less than 4G if 4G is intalled but is this normal for 3.5? Should I leave the 512 in or leave the slot empty and sell it on ebay?

Is it true if you mix different rams they won't work? in that case why does it simply ignore the lowest and not give me an error message? I need 4 1G to get it to recognise 3.5ish?

Also would I be better using 3 1G or 2 1g and 2 512 to give me the 3G?


  amonra 18:58 29 Dec 11

Memory is normally fitted in pairs. ie one 1Gb in slot 1 and another 1Gb in slot 3. Slots 2 and 4 are ready for another matched pair. If you try to put odd values in different slots it confuses the machine, so stick to matched pairs.

  andydgra 19:14 29 Dec 11

conufuses the machine? so there must be a way to unconfuse it. I'm not getting any error messages. It just ignores the 512.

  ton 19:26 29 Dec 11

Matched pairs are not normally needed these days.

  andydgra 19:30 29 Dec 11

it's an old machine about 5 years old. I've ordered another 1G memory stick and will put the 4 512 on ebay, cheers.

  andydgra 11:07 31 Dec 11

now I have 4 1G ram but xp will still only recognise 3G, scouring all the boards it looks like xp will only recognise 3G but most users posting tht their system recognises 3.5, any ideas on what settings I can change?

  andydgra 11:24 31 Dec 11

http://www.dansdata.com/askdan00015.htm this is about the best explanation I've found


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