mangojava 14:33 05 Feb 08

i have 2x512mb ram i was thinking of buying another 2x512mb will they run in dual mode or i have purchase 2x1gb????

  Technotiger 14:38 05 Feb 08

Do a scan with click here this will tell you all about your particular RAM.

  mangojava 14:39 05 Feb 08

my query was not about particular ram

  Technotiger 14:43 05 Feb 08

Pardon?? I assumed you were talking about your own computer?

  Technotiger 14:46 05 Feb 08

If English is not your mother-tongue, your particular RAM simply means the type of RAM that you have in your own computer - as opposed to any other computer!

  Darth_chaffinch 14:48 05 Feb 08

I just upgraded my 2x 512 RAM with 2 x 1Gb (Crucial), from the task manager it looks like it's now running dual mode - not sure why or whether this is good or not?!? For the price I'd go for the 2x1Gb upgrade.

  mangojava 14:50 05 Feb 08

i am talking about my comp
u failed to understand my question
here it again hope u understand not particular ram
will 4x512mb run in dual mode ????

  Technotiger 14:56 05 Feb 08

I understand your question fully - 'particular' is not the name of a type of RAM, it simply means referring to your own computer as opposed to any other computer.

If you run the scan at the link I gave, it will tell you all about the RAM in your computer, it will also advise you as to what RAM will fit your computer, and will answer your original question.

  lisa02 14:58 05 Feb 08

It depends on your own particular computer which way your RAM will work.

Can you post your computer details?

I think as long as the RAM is in identical pairs it'll work. Do the scan TechnoTiger suggested and it will advise you on which particular RAM you need.

  lisa02 15:02 05 Feb 08

click here for info on what Dual Channel means.

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