RAM UPgrade

  kalstras 09:01 20 Jan 07

What will upgrading my RAM from 512 to 1024 do for me. I have celeron 1.8ghz, win/XP machine with 512mb DDR SDRAM and would like to upgrade my RAM by double. Will this upgrade make a difference? How? Explain please....

Thank you in advance,


  SLAYER 09:27 20 Jan 07

have a look here.
click here

  kalstras 10:01 20 Jan 07

Thanks m8, but as it happens, I run Norton Internet Security and my comp is a bit sluggish openning apps (Word, Publisher,Front page etc) and I was hoping this would speed things up a bit...

Will it?



  kalstras 12:56 20 Jan 07

Bump. I really would like some good old fashion advice, because I have only 100 quid to spend, and would either like some faster apps (RAM) or a 19" monitor...

Advice please?

  SLAYER 13:20 20 Jan 07

OK,just before i wander down to my local hostelry,can you give some idea to what you use your PC for.
Also there are some schools of thought that believe Norton being resource hungry will slow a PC down.

  kalstras 13:44 20 Jan 07

Thanks m8, Mostly business, email, word and excel areopen all the ttime but i also use the internet at the same time...

  kalstras 14:58 20 Jan 07

Bump, is more RAM really worth the bucks?

  kalstras 14:59 20 Jan 07

atm, my total RAM is 512MB but at idle my machine has only 100MB available...

  sinbads 15:08 20 Jan 07

To answer your question XP requires a min of 512mband yes upgrade would improve your performance an additional 512mb can be bought for around £30 you willclick here need to get the right sort and select scan my system

  Belatucadrus 15:33 20 Jan 07

Which Norton is it ? As has already been mentioned pre 2007 versions have a RAM hog reputation and it may be worth looking to upgrade.

  kalstras 15:35 20 Jan 07

Thanks, I have to upgrade to 2 x 512 as I only have 2 slots which both hold 256MB atm,

I am running norton internet security 2006, you say that 2007 is less memory hungry?

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