ram speeds dont match

  no way 20:36 02 Mar 09

i have just bought and installed 1gb ddr2 into my sons pc. he had 1 gb pc 5300 i put in 1 gb pc 667 i know thats a faster speed but it should underclock to match the slower, but his pc keeps crashing ...complete power off i checked the ram and found 1 running at 266mhz and the other at 333mhz it said 1 was 5300 and the other was 4300.. i have since removed the new stick he now seems to be a little more stable do you think the ram is faulty? or is there a manual setting i should have used
win xp , amd athlon 4000+ msi m/b

  MAT ALAN 20:41 02 Mar 09

You have other atributes to consider...

CAS latency, voltage, EEC Non-EEC, buffered Un-buffered, Machine specific Non-machine specific

All these have to be met for Memory to work together...

  no way 20:44 02 Mar 09

i always thought if not a pair the faster one would underclock to match

  MAT ALAN 20:59 02 Mar 09

Normally that is true but they still have to be the same as listed above....

would have been simpler to buy Modules of the same speed so ya don't havwe to go mucking about with other settings to satisfy both modules...

Do you have trouble sourcing PC5300

  no way 21:02 02 Mar 09

couldnt pick any up last week but will return this stick as i think its faulty the pc isnt crashing now i have removed it
will try to get pc5300 to match and see how that goes
thanks for help

  MAT ALAN 21:03 02 Mar 09

click here

use the advisor tool from the link it wiil tell you what memory you have in your PC and what you can upgrade to, if you cannot or don't want to buy from this site you can use the info to source it from somewhere else knowing it will work...

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