RAM speed

  rasinton 09:06 12 Mar 04

I am currently using 512MB of PC3200 DDR400 RAM (single stick) and would like to increase to 1GB.

However, the motherboard I have (ASROCK K7S8X) will only support a single DIMM slot running at that speed. It will support 2 slots running PC2700 and I wondered if I could run the current memory at this lower speed and then buy an extra stick to make up the difference.

Or, is my only option to swap the existing RAM for a new, larger, one?

I know that if I can go the PC2700 route then this is a degratation of performance. Is it possible to say if this would be significant?

  Paranoid Android 10:18 12 Mar 04

Yes the RAM will run OK at a lower speed. Degradation would not be significant - may even be totally un-noticable in normal use if you are using a FSB333 CPU.

At DDR400 your FSB can't keep up anyway.


  rasinton 10:25 12 Mar 04


Thanks! Like the name!!!!!

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