RAM question please

  sunnystaines 18:19 29 Jul 09

had a clear out of computer bits and found several strips of DDR400 RAM.

the daughter has a pc with only 512 of RAM but its slightly faster at DDR667 would replacing the 512 with 2 or 3 g of the slower ram be compatable if not mixed and would it be faster. be a shame to bin it all.

  woodchip 18:24 29 Jul 09

If the sockets will take the Ram you could test it. But take the other out first. You could put the other back if its no good

  OTT_Buzzard 18:28 29 Jul 09

RAM tends to be a quantity before frequency scenario, especially if you are talking about replacng 512MB with 2GB.

So as woodchip said, if your daughters mobo wll take the RAM then you might as well try it.

  retep888 18:29 29 Jul 09

No, the pin configuration is different.



  sunnystaines 18:32 29 Jul 09

thanks for the replies she does not live at home so I will check the pins on next visit thanks all for the very quick advice.

  GaT7 18:39 29 Jul 09

retep888, some motherboards - especially certain Asrock ones - will work with either DDR1 & DDR2 RAM (not both at the same time). Seems unlikely, but it could be one of these.

As OTT_B says, if it's compatible, I'd go for 4 times the quantity over faster type/frequency. G

  sunnystaines 18:47 29 Jul 09

its a foxconn M/B cannot remember model at the moment

  OTT_Buzzard 18:52 29 Jul 09

DDR2 was spec'd to 400MHz. Not sure if it was ever actually made at the freq though. Suspect retep888 may be right and that your recently found RAM is DDR1.

  cream. 19:24 29 Jul 09

Is spot on

DDR 400 is 184 pin

DDR 667 is 240 pin

for a desktop

or is it 200 pin laptop memory?

  retep888 19:29 29 Jul 09

Yes,you're right,just like there are a few boards which can take DDR2 & DDR3(not at the same time)but they're few and far between and possibly for enthusiast only.

Even though it's one of them sunnystaines's daughter will be downgrading from a faster RAM to a slower one(667=>400)disregard the quantity put in(2GB VS 512MB)if she's just doing surfing and word processing on XP.

  sunnystaines 20:06 29 Jul 09

thanks will not know till the weekend but looks doubtful

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