Ram question

  Esso43 17:08 24 Aug 08

I am running vista 32 prem home and I have 4gb of ram physically installed.

The system info says that I have Installed physical RAM of 4gb.

and says my total physiocal ram is 3.25gb

Is this normal and if so is there a reason?

  Pine Man 17:10 24 Aug 08

It is perfectly normal and a quick google will give loads of explanations.

  Esso43 17:17 24 Aug 08

click here

See here no idea what it means but syas it is ok but probably teh extra I spent on 1 gb of ram is only giving me .25gb for use ah well!

  wee eddie 17:48 24 Aug 08

"See here no idea what it means but syas it is ok but probably teh extra I spent on 1 gb of ram is only giving me .25gb for use ah well!"

Much of that "Unseen" RAM may be being used for Graphics, if you are using "on board" Graphics. Had you only 3GB RAM, you might only have 2.25GB available for the system to use.

If you have over 2GB of RAM, Two things happen. Your PC has less need to use "Virtual Memory" (e.g. Using the HDD as extra Memory), and ~ the ability to have more programs open in the background without reducing the PCs performance.

In other words: Extra RAM does not increase the Performance. It reduces the causes of Reductions in Performance.

  Esso43 18:14 24 Aug 08

Great even better than I thought.

Not using onboard graphics and sometimes have many things open so all good :)

  woodchip 18:22 24 Aug 08

And none of the answerers above are correct. You can only see the amount you have because you are running 32bit windows. But you have more than you will ever need. I am only on 512mb on two XP desktops. and 1Gb on my Laptop without any slow downs. Plus Can edit Video that is not slow on 512mb using a P4 2.3Gb

  woodchip 18:27 24 Aug 08
  wee eddie 19:31 24 Aug 08

I must have misinterpreted what I previously read

  DieSse 20:12 24 Aug 08

Incidentally there is a lot of misinformation, even on the links supplied.

The issue is the number of memory addresses. Hardware uses some of the addresses at the top end of the memory space. This means the addresses are not available for Windows to use. The amount depends on the exact hardware fitted.

This unavailable RAM is not just unseen - it cannot be used and is not available to the OS at all (or anything else), as the addresses for it are reserved by the hardware.

On board graphics RAM is a different issue altogether, though of course this RAM is actually in use, it's in use for graphics and not the OS.

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