ram query....????

  kakasnarta 17:31 12 May 06

got a small query you might be able to help with....got a new laptop advent 7102....3gig processor 1024 ram.....ok in system info it shows as 1024 physical ram....but in system properties under general tab it lists 3 gig processor but only 896 ram...??so where is missing 128 ram????on other computers i`ve had the memory is always the same as fitted any ideas thanks

  VoG II 17:32 12 May 06

Used for on-board graphics - 128 MB.

  Totally-braindead 18:24 12 May 06

Yes the onboard graphics uses some of the system RAM leaving you with the 896mb you say you have left.

  siouxah1 18:43 12 May 06

Use the 7102 and confirm the RAM as VOG and Totally-braindead.

Did you receive a recovery disc from PC World?

If not check that there is a recovery partition on your hard drive and that you are able to make recovery discs.

The 7102 that I purchased, amongst many others, did not have the recovery partition on its HDD.

If not see this thread.
click here

  kakasnarta 19:56 12 May 06

thanks for the replys ...thought it might be something like that but wasnt sure..

No my hdd dosnt have the recovery partition...so cant make recovery discs,but had already seen info on this matter and phoned pc desk about same......after checking they said yes we know about this prob and will forward me some discs...10-15 days they said.

thanks again for info...kaka

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