RAM problems

  Handy Spinner 15:29 25 Feb 04

My computer (which has 256Mb of SDRAM, 32 devoted to graphics) seems to run out of RAM easily. Right now, I'm down to about 10MB.

What can I do about this state of affairs? The display of my programs often goes haywire when this happens.


  Handy Spinner 15:31 25 Feb 04

...but I forgot to say that I especially want to get this computer's internet working well since I plan to set up ICS for a network with this PC as the gateway.

Thanks again!

  duplo 16:27 25 Feb 04

What OS are you running?

  Handy Spinner 16:53 25 Feb 04

Win 98 SE

  duplo 17:31 25 Feb 04

It depends what s/w your running. Win 98 should be OK on 192 ram. Perhaps another 256 would do the trick.

In the mean time, use control/Alt/Del to see what is running in the background. If you have a lots running in the background, is there anything you dont need? By cutting this down you should free up some RAM.

I ran ME on 128 for quite some time with no problems (well, only the fact that it was Windows ME and utter rubbish). I only got more when I went to win 2K.

If your using this PC as a gateway, I would get more start off with a clean install and see how it goes, perhaps putting in another module of RAM if there is a performance problem.

Sometimes a computer just fills up with junk and adware progams that after time fill up HD and RAM.

When was the last full format and install?

  duplo 17:32 25 Feb 04


" I would get more start off with..." is ment ment to be " I would start off with"

  Handy Spinner 17:41 25 Feb 04

...when I last reformatted it. However I do remember doing it.

If possible, I don't want to have to reformat and reinstall everything again. For me it's a stressful and time-consuming process, and one which I could really do without.

I've just got my new HDD working, so there's plenty of space available.

Re: s/w running, I have firewall, A/V, MSN Messenger, and MDM (whatever that is) running, in addition to the necessary processes. Also Personal Web Server.

I was really wondering whether there was a memory leak or problem with the RAM or OS.

Thanks for replying.

  Handy Spinner 23:48 09 Mar 04

...I think the OS isn't freeing up the memory after I close programs. Hence why games like Civ 3 won't always work after I've been opening and closing programs.

Is this likely at what can be done about it? Would it be best to install Win 2000? If so, I would like to do so as a dual-boot system.


  Handy Spinner 23:49 09 Mar 04

* 2nd paragraph, 4th word should be "and"

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