ram problem on laptop

  ronalddonald 20:45 04 Jun 09

ok here it is i have broken the metal clip on my laptop when i inserted a ram memory stick so do i have to get the motherboard replaced and does anyone can recommend where i could get it repaired.

its over two years old and its a novatech rasor t8100 160gb. its not under gurantee so i be grateful for any help from you lovely people.

many thanks for any help

  OTT_Buzzard 21:02 04 Jun 09

I don't know your exact laptop but the upshot is this:

if your RAM is properly retained and connected - i.e. contacting fully & properly and where normal 'bumps' coulnd't dislodge it then you will be ok.

If not then it's new mobo time, if you can get one.

  ronalddonald 00:55 05 Jun 09

for your quick reply, the ram wont connect coz the metal clip snapped off. May be someone else may be able to advice on what is should do next about getting a mother board or get it repairs

  ronalddonald 09:32 05 Jun 09

you lovely people at pc advisor someones got to have a list of palces where i can get it fixed or looked at

  OTT_Buzzard 12:37 05 Jun 09

Novatech would be a good place to start!
Failing that, take it to your local PC repair shop. Not sure how readily available laptop mobo's are though.

Do you know who manufactured it?

  mooly 17:39 05 Jun 09

Without seeing it it's hard to say. Is it just that the RAM will not physically stay in place ? i.e. if you could hold it in place it would work ?
If so how about a spot of hot melt glue at the corners of the RAM to hold it in place. It won't harm anything and is "flexible" enough to be removeable if needs be.
As I say, without seeing it, not quite sure what state it's in :)

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