ram not registering

  ronoc 19:30 26 Jan 11

According to PC wizard I have
A0 (RAS 0) : 1024 (Single Bank)
A1 (RAS 2, RAS 3) : 1024 (Double Bank)
A2 (RAS 4, RAS 5) : 1024 (Double Bank)
A3 (RAS 6) : 512 (Single Bank)

on an Asus a85nx
Yet when I open my task manager it says I have on 1023.
and my machine is very slow.
where has the rest of my ram gone?


  northumbria61 20:10 26 Jan 11

Your RAM "may" be failing but you would need to test it first - download MemTest from here click here and run.

Or you could try this first - switch off PC (including at mains switch) open case and "earth" yourself (either on the metal casing or radiator) -remove RAM - give the slots a good clean with soft brush or air blower - and replace in original slots.

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