ram on my dell dm\imension 5150

  bangbang12345 13:11 14 Jul 07

i've read crucial.com already and i've just bought two adata ddr2 667 512mb memory sticks to increase it to 2gb ram will it work?

  SANTOS7 13:21 14 Jul 07

If crucial says so it will work, when crucial scans your PC and advises you on your upgrade options thats exactly what you need...

  bangbang12345 13:39 14 Jul 07

im currently abroad and buying pc parts here is really cheap so i cant scan my pc. when i last looked at crucial i didnt really understand it too well. im a real newbie with pcs, so can someone check for me? ... dell dimension takes ddr2 memory right? and i gotta install the modules in pairs...ive bought two ddr2-667 modules so it should be ok right?

  wee eddie 13:49 14 Jul 07

Is the Dell connected to the net?

Have you tried to run the Crucial Scan on it? Can you get someone else to do the Scan for you?

Unless you tell us what your Mother Board is, Make and Model Number, there is little chance of us giving more than a guess. If you know that then you can check on Crucial's site anyway.

  SANTOS7 14:43 14 Jul 07

so it should be ok right? Wrong...

The problem you have now is , you have already bought the memory modules not knowing if they are compatible (not the best thing to do) the only real option you have is to try them when you get home and hope they work..

  malgall 21:49 14 Jul 07

in dual channel memory the two strips of memory
have to be paired
this means checked to see they are running at the same speed

  lotvic 01:21 15 Jul 07

click here
""Always install DDR2 memory modules in the order indicated on the system board.

The recommended memory configurations are:

o A pair of matched memory modules installed in DIMM connectors 1 and 2


o A pair of matched memory modules installed in DIMM connectors 1 and 2 and another matched pair installed in DIMM connectors 3 and 4

NOTICE: Do not install ECC or buffered memory modules. Only unbuffered, non-ECC memory is supported.
NOTE: If you install DDR2 667-MHz memory, the speed is reduced to 533 MHz.

* If you install mixed pairs of DDR2 400-MHz (PC2-3200) and DDR2 533-MHz (PC2-4300) memory, the modules function at the slowest speed installed.

* Be sure to install a single memory module in DIMM connector 1, the connector closest to the processor, before you install modules in the other connectors.""

  bangbang12345 03:43 15 Jul 07

i know i shouldnt have just bought them without checking but i did buy two matching pairs of ddr2 667. So it will work ...just at 553speed... thats not too much of a problem then.

  bangbang12345 03:48 15 Jul 07

my pc does take ddr2 ram btw

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