ram memory and readyboost question please

  acein1 18:13 PM 29 Oct 11

hi all, i have 3gb of ram memory on board, and im also using 3.5gb of readyboost on a usb dongle,(windows 7 64bit), my question?? would i be better off with say 6gb of unboard memery, and forget about "readyboost" mant thanks for any ideas suggestions

  rdave13 18:43 PM 29 Oct 11

Readyboost is a cache facility really for the slower hdd. Disabled for SSDs as no benefit is found. I think you would be better off with more onboard ram but depends what you use your PC for. Have a read here.

  acein1 19:04 PM 29 Oct 11

many thanks for that,now i understand it better cheers

  wossie 01:51 AM 30 Oct 11

Have a look here there is some very interesting info. You can use multiple Flash drives each up to 4Gb http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ReadyBoost ps get English lessons.


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