Ram, hard drive problem

  kiddgame2000 12:04 27 Oct 06

My computer recently wouldn't start so after trying to fix it i gave up and sent it back. The company fixed it up no problem but they said there were multiple disk errors and because the ram didnt match, it was causing the system to crash.

Is that even possible, it came with 1Gb of RAM and later i bought a second Gb and installed it and the computer ram properly for over 9 months with the new RAM right up to the point where i sent it back.

Any thoughts?

  Totally-braindead 12:27 27 Oct 06

If you bought the wrong memory in the first place then yes it could be right but I'm puzzled as you say it ran perfectly for so long. That suggests to me that the ram was ok, if it wasn't it would have shown problems from day 1 or so I would have thought.
Are you sure you picked them up correctly? Perhaps they meant one of the ram modules has picked up a fault which can happen.
Regarding the multiple disk errors perhaps the hard drive is failing. What I tend to use to check that is the manufacturers software to check it eg MAXBLAST for a Maxtor drive etc.

  kiddgame2000 12:36 27 Oct 06

As i say the ram was fine from day one. The hard drive is scrap they just had to give me a new one so i lost everything.

That will learn me to back things up in future.

The ram they installed was just normal ram but i installed crucial ballistic gaming ram along with it. I used crucials online compatability checker and they said it would be fine as it was compatable with the motherboard and as i say it worked fine no problem.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:09 27 Oct 06

System would crash due to file errors accumu;ating on the HDD.

If ram ran for 9 months then would not have been problm unless suddenly gone faulty.
Crucial are the best people to get your compatible ram from.

  DieSse 13:47 27 Oct 06

*The hard drive is scrap*

RAM cannot cause this - so whilst mismatching RAM is not "a good thing" it wasn't the cause of your trouble.

Mismatching RAM may cause weird intermittent problems, so I never recommend it. However in your case, 6 months running OK is a good enough check that the modules work together.

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