RAM enlargement

  Kniffy 17:17 02 May 03

My kit is a Tiny Home DVD 400 Plus A/M with Intel Celeron 400MHz processor and quote "High Performance" Intel 440LX Chipset and 128 MB SDRAM . Using the Belarc Advisor process I have identified that it has a vacant second RAM slot which presumably can take another 128 MB module. What I cannot find is what spec I should ask for in making the new purchase. I think, but do not know, that it will be 168 pins DIMM using either PC 133 or PC 100. Any advice gratefully received.

PS For those with long memeories this model was top of PC Advisor's best buy league in the Spring of 1999 for one edition only before they withdrew their recommenedation after there was ostensibly some doubt about Tiny's intended equipment manufacturing process as compared with the kit tested by PC Advisor.

  VoG™ 17:20 02 May 03

Go to click here and select your motherboard from the drop-down list. It will tell you what RAM is suitable.

  Kniffy 17:36 02 May 03

Sorry I should have stated that I have checked through that product programme and sadly the defintion of my kit as sold brand new in May 1999 is not quoted. Plenty of "Home" this, that and the other but none with "DVD 400 Plus A/M" as part of the title. That's where the help is needed please.

  Lú-tzé 17:46 02 May 03

Try using Aida32 to recognise the motherboard which is in the machine- it may give you some help. click here

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