RAM control

  Jomi 20:04 23 May 03

Are RAM utilities like memturbo and rambooster worth using?
Do they do what it says on the tin?
If they are worthwhile can anyone recommend a good one, free of course, I'm a practising skinflint.

  hugh-265156 20:57 23 May 03

have tried most.didnt notice any difference.just another program running in the background.

but your better off keeping your computer tidy ie/clean out the junk disable uneeded start up programs and services.do a weekly defrag,disk clean up and disk check,update you antivirus and run it and keep windows up to date also.

add some more ram 512mb recommended for xp.

  ami 20:58 23 May 03

I've been using rambooster for over 2 years now, it does just what it says on the tin. it's configurable to your liking and a great way to 'free-up' a 'locked' programme, just set it running and watch the programme come back to life.

  Jomi 21:55 23 May 03

Huggyg71 I do most of those things except disk check, what is that?
It's difficult to keep track of th 'junk' but I try.

I'm using xp with 512mb, but a particular helicopter I use in flightsim 2002 shuts the programme down with an 'out of memory' message.

AMI I might give that a try and see for myself.
Can I get that from CNET?

  hugh-265156 22:44 23 May 03

i men`t to say scan the disc for errors-right click C:\properties\tools\errorchecking or chkdsk whatever you want to call it.

in flight sim try going into scenery library and adjusting the cache size also disable some airports you dont fly at a lot.try turning down some of the effects like the number of lighting effects and and dont have anything else running in the background whilst playing.

  Jomi 00:16 24 May 03

I ran chkdsk for the first time, vey handy.

Still problems with ram in flightsim though I got a much smoother movement by increasing the paging file. I suppose I'll have to fork out for some more ram.
Trouble is with my new upgraded motherboard there are only two slot with 256mb in each.

  The Spires 00:22 24 May 03

I use click here whether or not it makes a differance or not I don't know as I have run it for a while, free tial though. click here

  hugh-265156 00:41 24 May 03

are you using any fs2000 add on adventures or aircraft? click here

512 memory should be plenty.

  Jomi 15:28 24 May 03

It's the same aircraft (helicopter)that causes the message, after reading you posting and the knowledge base article I tried again by opening the game at an airport in Argentine, way below latitude N67 but it's still the same.
I've noticed though,that it's ok in windows mode but fails in full screen mode.

  Granger 15:53 24 May 03

Rambooster is less useful with XP, but great for ME or 98SE.

  hugh-265156 16:37 24 May 03

just loaded up the jetranger at megis everything at max and ran it for a while.deliberatly opened up lots of other programs before running it .memory used was 240mb.

have you tried reinstalling it?

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